Hi I'm Elaine. Mum of three living in Dublin, Ireland. I love taking photos, its a hobby, passion or maybe an obsession! :-) 

I’m a one time engineer turned Maths/ICT teacher. I’m easily excitable, a dreadful procrastinator, a lover of challenges & helping others person. Interests include travel, parenting, teen mental health, learning to learn, Maths, fashion, self improvement, home, etc, lots!

Why Grand & Lovely?

So despite being happily introverted and terrified of the idea, I decided to start a blog last year. All the advice is to name your blog something clear, obvious & marketable but it was difficult. It felt too contrived. I wanted a name that conjured up something easy that would keep me returning to it, like an old friend or a cosy room.

To be Irish. It's a funny thing.

I was sitting at a bus stop on Abbey St. in Dublin last summer. An old lady sat down beside me and was quickly joined by another old lady. Within minutes they were deep in conversation, with topics ranging from the weather (of course!), to the roadworks, to Trump and his wives. With comments like “Would you be able for that?!” The bus came then and they sat in different seats, strangers again. I thought to myself. This is Ireland. You would never or at least rarely witness such a happening on the underground in London or New York. But this is Ireland. The people are grand and lovely. Which means we are easy going and down to earth mostly I think, negative sometimes, begrudging sometimes maybe but a safe haven, accepting, friendly, helpful, “don’t be fussing”, a cup of tea fixes everything, often calm & laid back..unless it snows!.
In the noughties I lived in Boston, and people were forever intrigued by our frequent use of the words ‘grand' and ‘lovely’ in all contexts. But it was never easy to explain.
In Ireland, Grand is a bit of a secret code. It means lots of things depending on the context and the tone used. It can cover a multitude and is only distinguishable with a delicateness of tone like the mother fixing her son’s hair on the way out the door “Stop it Mam, it’s grand!”, to a delighted girl when her friend says “I love your hair”, “thanks sure it’s grand for a change”


My blog is at www.grandandlovely.com 

Elaine x